Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Good Bye

I loved this class so much! I learned how to make a podcast and a youtube video. I learned how to make a blog and how to look up other peoples blogs. I also learned sevral difffrent ways to add technology into my classroom and learned how my class mates will include it into their classrooms. I would recomend this class to all other fututre teachers and I hope everyone gets as much as i got out of the class. Thank you so much and have a great time.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Photo Sharing

"I read on other teacher blogs that Flickr is really good for the classroom, and I think, 'No way,'" says Jamie Tubbs, a fifth-grade teacher in Cincinnati. "It's open to anybody, and, because of that, you've got to assume people will put stuff there that will be offensive." Yes Tubbs is correct there might be offensive photos but what photo sharing site doesn’t have that risk. What are we suppose to do block all photo sharing web sites. You can find offensive photos by Googling are we going to block Google now too? Rather than blocking these sites of the future we should focus on teaching our students how to use them properly and teaching them internet safety so they know what to do and how to protect their information. “Tubbs, like many teachers, uses Flickr avidly, but he shies away from bringing it into the classroom. Rather than let students search for photos, he finds them on his own time and brings them into class as writing prompts or for blog entries.” I think Tubbs should try to be a little more open to new ideas and open to the future. You could have the students look up photos for writing assignments, PowerPoint projects, like the article stated you can look up and photo and have the students write a blog or a writing prompt for the photo. When I was in high school I was photo editor for the yearbook and my new staffers I had them find 3 different kinds of photos and write captions for them. Then I went over the captions when they finished the assignment and helped them. I taught some how to write a caption and I corrected others and it not only helped me as a teacher see where my students were but also helped them see some improvement. Then at the end of the year I showed them their captions in the yearbook and they all felt so proud of them self’s. You can also search photos to put up in your classroom. I searched apples and found so many cool apple photos I could hang up in my classroom with my student’s names on it. You can look up planets, plants, tools, cars, ABC’s and 123,’s. It’s amazing how easy it is to find any photo on the internet. You just need to be open minded and get creative.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Steve Hargadon - Classroom 2.0

“You don't really know which social networking sites you create will take off or succeed. Clay Shirkey reminds us that when "failure is free" you get innovative experimentation because you can easily move on from failures.” I picked this one because it’s very true. You never know if everyone is going to like your web site. Odds are that some people will like it but others will not and we just need to learn how to make it more appealing to those who don’t like it. This is how we improve our web sites. Then with social networks they are always being replaced. We had myspace, then it was facebook and now everyone is switching to twitter or scipe.
“It turns out that you are especially dependent on early adopters for the success of the network--in some cases, they are more important than you as the network creator are.” This is very true! Yes the network creator is important because they make all the changes and they are the main key in the network but without adopters and the users this network is useless. A network isn’t a network if no one is using it. If no one signed up to use myspace or facebook then they wouldn’t have become as popular as they did. Then the creators would have had to try again till they find something that people enjoy.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


I can use wiki in my classes because it’s a easy way to keep yourself organized. You can make a new page for each class and use it to do your homework and plan your day. You might have essays and homework, blogs. You can post videos for your teachers and classmate to see. You can let your classmates help you fix your spelling and grammar. If you’re the teacher and you have a wiki you can use it to get info out to your students. You can use it for almost anything, I am sure you can find a way to post grades on it. To be honest these days you don’t need a classroom to teach. We are learning that and doing that by taking this class now. We don’t get to see each other and most of us don’t see our teachers every day. We can do everything now online but is that best? I do think it’s good to have internet and to use technology in the classroom but our younger children still need to go to school and we can’t just remove school out and have everyone learn online. Wiki is a good way to help introduce our younger student to technology before they get to college and before they take an online course. It will help the students do better and it will help bring technology into the classroom.